Cell Phone Radiation and Your Brain’s Health


The scientific data emerging regarding wireless devices and the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies is mounting. Some countries are banning wireless devices in schools, and others have banned the installation of 5G antennas. Bluetooth earbuds are under fire because of the close proximity to the brain, and when combined with wireless technology, could result in neurological issues and even cancer. There are ways to combat EMFs from entering your brain and still be able to use technology.

Could Wireless Devices Be Dangerous?

Wireless headphones, air pods, and the use of cell phones connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi give you “wire-free” services. When placed on the head, or in the ears, regardless if they are wired or not, radio frequency radiation has a greater potential for entering the brain. 

EMF’s have been found to enter the brain through these types of devices, and have known to break down the blood-brain barrier while thinning and penetrating important tissues. EMF radiation can result in neurological diseases and conditions, which may be a contributor to the cause of the rise in brain cancer.

Long term or relatively close exposure to EMF’s have been known to cause changes at the cellular level, resulting in the alteration of some DNA. These changes are very concerning because children, whose brains and bodies are still developing, will be at the highest risk.  Alzheimer disease diagnoses have increased by over 50% in the last decade, possibly linking EMFs as a possible contributor to the rising cases. The statistical data continues to show a rapid increase in brain and neurological disease as technologies improve, and more devices connect to wireless networks. 

Wi-Fi Restrictions In Other Countries

In some countries Wi-Fi can be restricted like France, where in some areas it is not allowed to be turned on during school hours. Limiting the amount of RF radiation to rapidly developing brains in children is the ultimate goal. In countries like the UK, Israel, and India, 5G antennas are being banned because of the numerous studies stating the dangers with the short-wave radio frequency technology. Limiting the EMF exposure is one step towards preventing irreversible damage to the human body, plants, animals.

Studies show that homes within one-quarter of a mile of 4G antennas increase the risk of cancer and other health issues.

Hollow Earphones Reduce Radiation To The Brain

There are new developments to help combat EMF radiation exposure to the brain. Hollow earphones are one solution.

Hollow earphones look a tad bit different than the standard earphones, but are specially made to reduce the amount of radiation that is generated from your cell phone and helps restricts it from entering your head.  Your cell phone emits radiation every second it’s on, and it’s no different when you plug in or wear earphones.  Once plugged in or connected via Bluetooth, the EMFs now have an outlet to travel into your body, traveling from your cell phone up into your ears and into your head. 

Hollow earphones use a wireless tube (it looks slightly larger than your regular wired earphones) and typically deliver the same sound quality as other big brands. You’ll thank yourself for reducing about 99% of the radiation into your brain, a dramatic reduction.

EMF’s are not going away. However, if we can reduce the amount of EMF’s entering our brains with wired, hollow tube headphones, and we have a much better chance of staying healthy. Don’t forget to purchase hollow earphones for your children too! Adolescent’s brains continue to develop through the age of 25, so be sure to protect their brains for the sake of their future. 

Your Wireless Devices Are Going To Make You Run For Cover

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