Insurance Companies Can Refuse Claims Related to Electromagnetic Radiation Illnesses


Nothing screams, “something is off here” louder than when insurance companies say in blanket statements they will not cover the treatment for illnesses related to electromagnetic radiation. In 2015 Lloyd’s of London, one of the largest insurers in the world, put out a clear statement that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure illness would be excluded from coverage. Why would an insurance company make this kind of decision without substantial evidence that EMR illness would soon be on the rise? The answer is simple: they wouldn’t.

Is Electromagnetic Radiation Dangerous?

According to the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, EMR from cell phone towers is within a safe range. However, other countries have varying positions on the effects and implications of EMR and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Currently, 170 different countries are represented on a petition calling for a halt in production and installation of 5G cell phone antennas. Doctors, scientists, and engineers have compiled hundreds of pages of documentation outlining the harmful effects of EMR and EMF. The United States is still moving forward with its 5G project despite the evidence.

Countries such as the UK, France, Israel, and India have issued cease orders on 5G antennas in either specific or overall capacities.

For example, France has stated that 5G antenna installed on schools not be turned on during school hours. This is because EMR’s from cell antennas affect humans on a cellular level.

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Is Anything Being Done In The United States To Stop 5G Installation?

After a study involving firefighters in California showed that those who lived and worked in a firehouse (for five years or more) with a cell antenna installed on the building where they worked and slept, had some type of neurological condition. None of those firefighters had symptoms before working in the firehouse. You can read more here.

As a solution, California made fire stations exempt from having to install 5G antennas on them. However, the damage had already been done to those who worked in that house.

What Triggered Lloyd’s Of London To Put An Exemption In Place?

In 2010 a Risk Assessment Report was prepared for Lloyd’s of London. Outlined in the report was evidence that Wi-Fi frequencies cause illness. In 2015 as a proactive step, they put an exemption of all EMR related illness on their insurance policies, meaning that if someone is deemed to have a disease or illness possibly caused by EMR or electromagnetic frequencies, the insurance company is not liable for coverage on electromagnetic radiation or radio frequency claims.  “Directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.” (Exclusion 32)

If Insurance Companies Won’t Cover Medical Bills, Who Will?

Right now, the only recourse patients have against EMR illness and disease is to sue the cell phone companies themselves. Currently, there are 13 ongoing cases, involving 46 defendants who claim mobile phone radiation led to brain cancer and brain tumors. The cell companies involved include all major providers like Motorola, Nokia, AT&T and Verizon.

Seeking damages from cell companies is not new, either. There have been claims filed for the last three decades; however most were thrown out of court due to lack of evidence.
Now, things are starting to change, and cell phone companies are up against the Stop 5G groups across the world, who hope to halt the installation of 5G because of the potential dangerous towers and antennas. Despite growing concerns and evidence that cell phone towers and antennas are dangerous to the health and safety of those within proximity, the United States is not backing down. They continue to install 5G capable antennas. The amount of money invested into this venture is exorbitant, however, the cost of damages may exceed the amount invested into the installation of antennas once it’s finally determined wireless towers and antennas are hazardous to human, animal and insect life.

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