Why Cell Towers At Schools Should Be Banned


People across the world are showing strong opposition against 5G wireless services because they know in a short amount of time new cell phone antennas will be installed in their neighborhoods, near homes, and around on the campus of children’s schools. With intense conversations surfacing noting the dangers to people, animals, and plants because of 5G antennas, cell phone companies are beginning to face a predicament. Can big Telecom companies convince concerned citizens 5G wireless technology is safe, or will the public speak up and press for more studies on human health?

Cities Reevaluate Zoning Requirements

Many municipalities are reevaluating their zoning requirements to make the installation of numerous 5G antennas easier, but residents are actively opposing this move.

Because 5G works by way of short-wave technology, more antennas are needed to accommodate the stronger wireless network.

In North Potomac, Maryland, one resident said that 16 cell towers were proposed to be installed within 20 feet of their home, and there were 61 cell towers proposed to be installed throughout the town. Areas included small residential neighborhoods, downtown locations, and schools and is the second time a cell tower proposal was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

In California, State Senate Ben Hueso, of San Diego, proposed Senate Bill 649 that would altogether remove the city’s control of where cell towers are placed and control would be given to the state. This means that towns would not be able to restrict how close antennas are placed to homes and schools, which sounds like a dangerous scenario.

However, the cities of Rocklin, Roseville, and San Francisco are opposing this legislation due in part because of public safety concerns. Should this bill pass the state will have control where towers and antennas will be placed, and towns would lose out on permitting and leasing fees where wireless technology is installed.

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Some Have Banned 5G

Other countries across the globe have already banned 5G installation due to safety concerns. Israel and India are just a couple of countries who have stood up against 5G technology. So has Brussel, UK.

The UK took a monumental stance against the cell companies stating they would not be guinea pigs whose health could be sold for profit.

France has restricted 5G antennas from transmitting during school hours at pre-schools.

But in the United States, cell phone companies are working feverishly to produce 5G capable cell phones and install antennas nationwide as quickly as possible.

Why Should We Be Concerned About Children In School?

With France’s specific stance again cell towers on schools, one has to ask is there an adherent risk to school children. The answer is yes.

Radio Frequency Emissions has been shown to alter the DNA in humans and animals. One study, surprisingly out of the United States, showed firefighters who worked a specific fire station location for more than five years where a 4G antenna was mounted, suffered from irreversible neurological and biological conditions.

If this can happen in grown adults, what is the risk to our young children?

Studies out of Germany and Israel show the chances of developing cancer when towers are within a one-quarter mile, are 2 to 3 times as likely as those that are more than 1,500 feet away. When placed on or near schools, within one-fifth a mile, the risk of developing cancer is more than four times the average risk. Women and young girls were found to develop cancer 10 times more frequently.

These alarming findings have launched an international ruckus; however, in the United States, little is being done to stop the movement to 5G. Instead, cell companies are looking to have at least 80% of cities, nationwide, capable of handling 5G by the end of 2025. Despite numerous studies, data, and petitioning medical practitioners, the 5G movement carries on in the United States. The effect, on children, adults, plants, and animals, will likely be detrimental, and it will be too late to stop the damage once it’s started.

Cell Phone Radiation and Your Brain’s Health

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